Red Velvet

photo from Red Velvet facebook(Red Velvet 1st Concert ‘Red Room’
Red Velvet is a Korean girl group that debuted on August 1, 2014 with four members-Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. On March 19, 2015, Yeri joined the group and became a five-member group. They are members of SM Entertainment. Red Velvet represents both concepts of intense & captivating color red and sensual images associated with classical & gentle velvet. Their song lyrics and music videos show fairy tale or dreamy atmosphere.

Official site:
Fan club: ReVeluv
SNS: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Irene: Leader, main rapper, sub vocal, lead dancer(Pink color)
Seulgi: Lead vocal, main dancer(Yellow color)
Wendy: Main vocal(Blue Color)
Joy: Lead rapper, sub vocal(Green color)
Yeri: Sub rapper, sub vocal(Purple color)

Albums & Music videos
– 1st Single Album <Happiness> (2014)

– 2nd Single Album <Be Natural> (2014)
Be Natural

– 1st Mini Album <Ice Cream Cake> (2015)
Ice Cream Cake, Automatic, Somethin Kinda Crazy, Stupid Cupid, Take It Slow, Candy

– 1st Studio Album <The Red> (2015)
Dumb Dumb, Huff n Puff, Campfire, Red Dress, Oh Boy, Lady’s Room, Time Slip, Don’t U Wait No More, Day 1, Cool World

– 2nd Mini Album <The Velvet> (2016)
One Of These Night, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Light Me Up, First Time, The Velvet, One Of These Nights(De-Capo Ver.), One Of
These Nights(Joe Millionaire Ver.), One Of These Nights(Piano Ver.)

– 3rd Mini Album <Russian Roulette> (2016)
Russian Roulette, Lucky Girl, Bad Dracula, Sunny Afternoon, Fool, Some Love, My Dear

– 4th Mini Album <Rookie> (2017)
Rookie, Little Little, Happily Ever After, Talk To Me, Body Talk, Last Love

– 1st Special Mini Album <The Red Summer> (2017)
Red Flavor, You Better Know, Zoo, Mojito, Hear The Sea

– 2nd Studio Album <Perfect Velvet> (2017)
Peek-A-Boo, Look, I Just, Kingdom Come, My Second Date, Attaboy, Perfect 10, About Love, Moonlight Melody

– Repackage Album <The Perfect Red Velvet> (2018)
Bad Boy, All Right, Peek-A-Boo, Look, I Just, Kingdom Come, Time To Love, My Second Date, Attaboy, Perfect 10, About Love, Moonlight Melody

– 2nd Special Mini Album <Summer Magic> (2018)
Power Up, With You, Mr. E, Mosquito, Hit That Drum, Blue Lemonade, Bad Boy(English Ver.)

– 5th Mini Album <RBB> (2018)
RBB(Really Bad Boy), Butterflies, So Good, Sassy Me, Taste, RBB(Really Bad Boy)(English Ver.)


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