Sul Kyung-gu

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Birth: May 14, 1968
Agency: C-JeS Entertainment(
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Seol Kyung-gu is a representative acting actor from Korea who is a theater actor. He made his debut in 1993 with the play Simba Sade. He was a perfectionist actor. He increased his weight by 30kg and studied himself completely for five months to perfect the Japanese ambassador for his role in the movie ‘Rikidozan’. His performances range is wide from drama, history, crime, action, and comedy. He married in 1999 and had a daughter, but separated since 2002. He divorced in 2006. On May 28 2009, he married actress Song Yun-ah who appeared together in film ‘Jail Breakers’ and ‘Lost in Love’. On August 3, 2010, their son was born.

Birth: May 14, 1968
Agency: C-JeS Entertainment(
Fan Club(Café):

A Petal(1996) – Brother
Love Story(1996) – Young-ho
Girls’ Night Out(1998) – Gyu-sik
Phantom: The Submarine(1999) – Number 432
Rainbow Trout(1999) – Min-soo
Peppermint Candy(2000) – Kim Young-ho

The Legend of Gingko(2000) – Juk
I Wish I Had a Wife(2001) – Kim Bong-soo
Public Enemy(2002) – Kang Chul-joong

The Bird That Stops in the Air(2002) – Kim
Oasis(2002) – Hong Joung-du

Jail Breakers(2002) – Yu Jae-pil
Silmido(2003) – Kang In-chan

Rikidozan(2003) – Kim Sin-rak(Rikidozan)

Another Public Enemy(2005) – Kang Chul-joong
Lost in Love(2006) – Woo-jae
Cruel Winter Blues(2006) – Shim Jae-mun
Voice of a Murderer(2007) – Han Kyung-bae
Venus and Mars(2007) – Kim Sang-min
Public Enemy Returns(2008) – Kang Chul-joong
Haeundae(2009) – Choi Man-sik
Close to Heaven(2009) – Kim Jong-do
A Brand New Life(2009) – father
No Mercy(2010) – Kang Min-ho
Troubleshooter(2010) – Kang Tae-sik
Camellia(2010) – Yong-soo
The Tower(2012) – Kang Young-ki
Cold Eyes(2013) – Hwang
The Spy: Undercover Operation(2013) – Chul-soo
Hope(2013) – Im Dong-hoon
My Dictator(2014) – Kim Sung-geun
The Long Way Home(2015) – Nam-bok
Lucid Dream(2017) – Bang-seop
The Merciless(2017) – Jae-ho

Memoir of a Murderer(2017) – Byeong-soo
1987: When the Day Comes(2017) – Kim Jeong-nam
Idol(2018) – Yoo Joong-sik
Birthday(2019) – Jeong-il

TV Drama
Joy of Love(1988)
Magpie Daughter-in-law(1991)
Oldest Sister(1994)
A Bluebird Has It(1997)
White Christmas(1997)
Prince Shotoku(2001)

Simbasaemae(1993, 1995)
This song(1994)
Line 1(1994-1996)
True West(1996)
The serpent groom and his bride(1996)
Line 1(1997-1998)
Line 1(2001)
Love Letter(2005)

Music Video
SG Wannabe – I Love You to Death(2004)
Park Yoo-chun – How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet?(2015)


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