Kim Yun-jin

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Kim Yun-jin was born in Korea and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1980. She majored in acting and worked as a theater actor in New York. She made her debut with the Korean TV drama ‘Splendid Holiday’ in 1996. In 1997, she debuted as a movie star through ‘Shiri’. She appeared in U.S. TV dramas ‘Lost’ and ‘Mistress’.
She has been highly acclaimed for playing strong women who overcome difficult situations. On March 28, 2010, she married her manager Park Jung-hyuk.

Birth: November 7, 1973
Agency: Zion Entertainment
Official site:
Fan Club:

Shiri(1999) – Lee Myung-hyun
The Legend of Gingko(2000) – Yeon
Rush!(2001) – Seo-yeong
Iron Palm(2002) – Ji-ni
Yesterday(2002) – Kim Hi-su
Ardor(2002) – Mi-heun
Diary of June(2005) – Seo Yun-hee
Seven Days(2008) – Yoo Ji-yeon
Harmony(2010) – Jeong-hye
Heartbeat(2011) – Chae Yeon-hee
The Neighbor(2012) – Kyung-hee
Ode to My Father(2014) – Young-ja
House of the Disappeared(2017) – Kang Mi-hee

TV Series
Splendid Holiday(1996)(MBC)
Wedding Dress drama(1998)(KBS)
Love in 3 colors(1999)(KBS)
Ms.Ma, Nemesis(2018)(SBS)

Video game
Lost: Via Domus(2007)
Sleeping Dogs(2012)


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