Korean Style Fried Chicken

Korean Style Fried Chicken

photo from Boor Chicken(http://www.boor.co.kr/menu/default.aspx?menu=%uCE58%uD0A8%uBA54%uB27)

Korean Style Fried Chicken is a kind of fried food with seasoned chicken, frying and frying oil. The taste and nutritional value of the food varies depending on how to cut chicken, how to spice chicken, how to make frying, how to put frying clothes, types of frying oil, temperature, This food generally cuts chicken in handy size to help hold it. Chicken seasonings are made by mixing various spices – salt, pepper, herbs, garlic, onion, fruit etc – so as not to smell the chicken. Tempura is made by kneading flour or rice flour and eggs. Chicken frying oil uses soybean cooking oil, corn oil and olive oil.
The frying temperature is usually fried at a temperature of 170 to 200 degrees Celsius, and may be fried twice to be crispy.
Korean Style The taste of Fried Chicken is very crispy on the surface and the inside of chicken is famous for giving a unique taste with soft texture. It is usually ordered by delivery service. Eat together with pickled radish, salt and seasoning sauce. It is common to eat with beer and soft drinks. It is the favorite food of most Korean, young and old. It hash high calories(over 2,000kcal). Korean eat it mainly as a snack and eat late dinner while watching TV sports or movies.

Korean Style Crispy Fried Chicken cooking video

Korean Style Fried Chicken with Hot sauce, Korean Pickled Radish, Seasoned seaweed, Soft drink Eating Show video


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