EXO Chen released First Solo Mini Album ‘Spring, and Flower’

EXO Chen

photo from Digital Times(http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2019040102109965035011)

Korean boy group EXO’s main vocal Chen released his first Solo mini album(EP) ‘April, and Flower’ at the Seoul Gangnam SMTOWN KOEX ARTIUM last April 1st.

He announced his title song ‘Beautiful goodbye’ with 5 other Ballad songs. Track list showed as following.

  1. Flower
  2. Beautiful goodbye
  3. Sorry not sorry
  4. Love words
  5. I’ll be there
  6. Portrait of you

SM Entertainment described his album as below.

The title song ‘Beautiful goodbye’ is an impressive ballad with a delicate piano player. This song contains the remembrance of the first meeting of a man who is ready to parting and seeing a lover whose love dies as time goes by. The ambience of this song blends with Chen ‘s sad voice and fascinates listeners.

‘Flower’ is a ballad that Chen has participated in. This song is a message of comfort that wishes to bloom in the hope that the wound of the heart will bloom like winter when the spring is over. ‘Sorry not sorry’ is a combination of piano and string. I could not fill the gaps between lovers due to frequent cracks, and eventually I could tell the story of a man who could not help but to speak with a loud voice and add charm.

‘Love words’ is a modern, new-feeling Urban & Soul ballad that conveys comforting words of love. ‘I’ll be there’ is an emotional song that expresses the desire to stay in someone’s memories for a long time. ‘Portrait of you’ is a pop ballad accompanied by beautiful piano melodies, orchestral performances and delicate vocals.

Here is his official M/V ‘Beautiful Goodbye’.



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