Kim Doh-woo(Classic) won 2019 Mountain Dew GSL Season 1 semi-final

Kim Do-woo

photo from ‘afreeca TV game – GSL'(

Kim Doh-woo(ID: Classic, Role: Protoss) defeated Park Ryung-woo(ID:Dark, Role: Zerg) at the Mountain 2019 Dew GSL Season 1 Semi-final held Samsung-dong FreecUP studio last April 3rd. They engaged in full set(7 sets). Kim Doh-woo has made it to the finals in five years since his last win at 2014 GSL Season 2. He challenges his second win in the final on April 14th. He is about to join the military.

Match Results
Set 1. Cyber Forest: Park Ryung-woo – Win
Set 2. Port Alexander: Kim Doh-woo – Win
Set 3. King’s Cove: Kim Doh-woo – Win
Set 4. Automaton: Kim-Doh-woo – Win
Set 5. Kairos Junction: Park Ryung-woo – Win
Set 6. Year Zero: Park Ryung-woo – Win
Set 7. New Repugnancy: Kim Doh-woo – Win

Game video




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