King-Zone Dragon X won Danwon in LoL Champions Korea Spring PO 1R

King-Zone Dragon X won Danwon in LoL Champions Korea Spring PO 1R

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The King-Zone scored a 3-0 victory over the offensive.
On the April 5th in the play-off 1R of ‘League of Legends Champions Korea 2019 Spring season’ held in Seoul LoL Park and King-Zone dragon X won 3-0 in the defense. King-Zone will play playoff 2R with SK Telecom.

King-Zone marked Jang Ha-kwon and prevented the attack of the Damwon to open the split operation. Damwon tried to kill Kim Hyeok-gyu ‘s ash but King-Zone won by breaking the split operation of the Jayce twice in the sideline.

In the second set, King-Zone showed sharp attack.While Damwon concentrated on the sea dragon, the King-Zone collapsed Damwon’s camp so they gained both Dragon and Kills. King-Zone made a difference in attack power from this battle and won each battle with this advantage.

In the third set, Damwon threw the dice. Kim Gun-boo took the jungle Kindred. King-Zone, who had a nervous battle over the Rift Herald, quickly joined the battle and foresaw a great battle. In each battle, King-Zone countered the attack on Damwon and built up the Flame Dragon 3 Stack. King-Zone took a flame dragon and ace to open up to Baron. With the Baron Buffs on the battle line and mid-line, King-Zone pushed the bullpen and destroyed the Nexus.


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