BTS Jimin donated KRW 100 million to the Busan Education Office.

BTS Jimin donated KRW 100 million won to the Busan Education Office.

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Korean boy group Bangtan boys(BTS)’ member Jimin secretly donated KRW 100 million(USD 88k) to the Busan ​​Metropolitan City Office of Education.

According to the Busan Education Office, Ji-min asked him to use for the students who attended the Busan School several months ago, and donated 100 million won to the Busan Education Office. Jimin did not want to be known about the donation, so it has been reported that it has not been published.

Jimin’s donation will be used to support student welfare, student self-help activities, self-directed learning, and dinner expenses for low-income students. Busan Education office is supporting for Busan Arts High School including Busan Art High School in Busan, Gumsa Elementary School, Gumgok Middle School, Gamcheon Middle School, Gyeongnam Middle School, Hyeon Middle School, Yeongdo Middle School, Jangrim Middle School.

BTS is well-known for steady various donation activities.

Meanwhile, BTS will release their new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’ all over the world on the April 12th and will have their first comeback on U.S. NBC ‘SNL’ on April 13th.


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