Shinee’s Minho and Infinite’s Dongwoo joined the military

Shinee’s Minho and Infinite’s Dongwoo joined the military

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Boy group Shinee’s Minho (Choi Min-ho) and Infinite’s Dongwoo (Jang Dong-woo) joined the group on April 15th.

Minho applied to the Marine Corps and entered the education and training camp of Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea. Minho gave a love letter to Shinee World, a fan club, as follows:

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“It is short if short, long if you are away from you for a while.
I made my debut on May 25, 2008, and it was moments when I was happy, joyful and unforgettable with so many things to come.
I think that everything I could feel a lot and grow up is your interest and support.
I will take good care of you and give you good health.
You are always my hope.”

Meanwhile, Shinee’s Onew was in service since December 10th, 2018 and Key was in service since March 4th.

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Dongwoo enlisted the Gangwon Province Cheorwon Army 6th Army training camp. Dongwoo wrote through his hand letter:

“There were a lot of things and noises, Inspirit (fan club) was a great support to Infinite and me until we came to here.
I will do my duty as a national defense so that my love shines more loudly.
I am grateful that since 2010 I have been able to do things that no one can do, such as Infinite, Units, Solos, Musicals, Performances, Radio, Concerts and World tours. Even when I was born again, I was so ecstatic and happy that I wanted to be an infinite.
As a positive king, I will be doing my best.”


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