Samgyeopsal(Pork belly)

Samgyeopsal(Pork belly)

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The pork belly is because they appear to overlap in three layers with flesh and scaffold. Meat consists of scaffold – lean – scallop – lean. Pork belly is the most favorite Korean meat dish, often eaten with family, friends and colleagues.

Pork belly is usually cut into 1cm or so of uncooked pork, then eaten with vegetables or other dishes. At this time, the vegetables to eat together are lettuce, sesame leaf, garlic, onion, red pepper, etc., and use salt, sesame oil, soy source, and Gochujang(hot source). There are kimchi, wagashi, soybean paste stew, kimchi stew, and pickled radish. Pork belly is often eaten with soju. Sometimes Korean cook kimchi fried rice with pork belly after roasting.

Types of pork belly

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  • General pork belly
    The chilled pork belly should be cut about 20~30cm in thickness about 1cm without seasoning.
  • Planter pork
    The frozen pork belly is thinly sliced ​​using a machine. It is characterized by being able to eat cheaply by people who do not like the texture of tough pork belly.
  • Honeycomb pork
    It is a scored pork belly which adds a spice to a pork belly. It is characterized by soft flesh and good smell by seasoning.
  • Pork belly with rinds
    It is a part of a pork belly that does not remove the rinds. It is a little more soppy and chewy than pork belly.

How to cook
Place the pork belly on a hot plate and roast. At this time, the pork belly comes out with a lot of oil and we need to remove it from plate not to fry it. If the meat is ripe to some extent, cut it to the appropriate size to eat. Korean eat ripe meat with various vegetables and sauces and Korean food.

Korean style Pork belly cooking & eating video

Korean style Pork belly – kimchi fried rice cooking & eating video



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