Popular SBS weekend drama ‘Fiery Priest’ was finished

Popular SBS weekend drama ‘Fiery Priest’ was finished

photo from SBS Fiery Priest page (https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/fierypriest/article/58164/E10009467715)

According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode rating of SBS TV weekend drama ‘Fiery Priest’, which was broadcasted at 10 pm on April 20, ended with 18.6% -22.0% ratings. The momentum peaked at 26.73%.

‘Fiery Priest’ Drama point of view is social satire, comedy, and action.

Kim Hae-il, a priest who corrects and fights this situation in a situation where a high-ranking society and an investigation agency are in the background of a virtual city Goodam, sees a priest who does not hesitate to swear and violence, saying, “I have to be angry to wrath”.

Club Rising Moon, who appeared in the process of Kim Hae-il’s investigation into the club cartel, prosecution, and drug distribution, reminds us of the Burning Sun incident in the entertainment industry in recent years.

Priest Kim Hae-il collaborates with prosecutor Park Kyung-sun, detective Gu Dae-young and Seo Seung-Ah personality to realize justice.

Priest Kim Hae-il and Hwang Chul-bum duel scenes and detective Seo Seung-ah’s action scenes won rave reviews. There was an actor’s injury in the action scene, but fortunately actors finished the drama until the end.

photo from SBS Fiery Priest page (https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/fierypriest/article/58164/E10009467715)

Kim Nam-gil of Priest Kim Hae-il staged comic portrayal of Kim Rae-il at the beginning, and from the middle he was a priest role in the angry to dishonest cartel, which is the present social problem such as incidents and accidents.It is Kim Hae Il who decided to walk the clergyman’s path by abandoning the past that was a special agent. However, he showed smart, judgment and charismatic action a totally different charm from the general priest.


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