Tteok-bokki(Stir-fried rice cakes)


photo from Jaws tteok-bokki(

Tteok-bokki(stir-fried rice cakes) is a popular Korean food for young people as snack. Korean usually have it with Soondae(Korean sausage) or Gimbap(Korean rice roll) or frie foods at Korean style fast food place. It made with small-sized rice cakes, kochujang(Korean style hot sauce), sugar, corn syrup, green onion, fish cakes, steamed eggs and so on. Its taste is sweet spicy and chewy. In case rice cakes made by rice are more chewy and rice cakes made by wheat have more strong sauce flavor. Usually, this food is not expensive (around USD2~3 per dish) and eat it casullally using disposable products.

Mainly, its taste depends on ratio of sauce ingredients – kochujang, sugar, corn syrup, etc. – and type of rice cakes.

There are many variation food – Ganjang(soy sauce) tteok-bokki, Gungmul(soupy) tteok-bokki, Cheese tteok-bokki, Gungjung(royal court) tteok-bokki, Curry tteok-bokki, Carbonara tteok-bokki, Jeugseog(impromptu) tteok-bokki, Gireum(oil) tteok-bokki.

Tteok-bokki making video


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