AB6IX of brandnew music announced new EP album [B:COMPLETE]


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Boy group Wanna-One Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi, another boy group MXM Lim Young-min, Kim Dong-hyun and new member Jeon Woong formed a group AB6IX.

AB6IX’s first EP album ‘B:COMPLETE’ showcase was held at the Olympic Park Olympic hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of May 22nd.

AB6IX opened its first showcase on the ABSOLUTE stage and they performed charismatic stage.

AB6IX appeared on M.net ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ program in 2017 under the name of ‘Brand New Boys’ and received a favorable reputation for his high-end Composition and choreography skills. Since then, Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi have been loved by boy group Wanna One, and Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun have been loved by another boy group MXM. Lastly Jeon Woong, who also has an attractive vocal tone and brilliant dancing skills, joined the AB6IX team.

Despite being a debut album, members have produced their entire album, but their members have been actively participating throughout the album production process, including Lyrics and Composition, as well as performance directing.

[B: COMPLETE] Album Introduction

‘ABSOLUTE’ is a song with a determination to make the five members complete. They express their confidence that they will be perfect in the future. The rough synth line and gorgeous rap are impressive.

Composed by LishBeat, OUOW
Lyrics by LishBeat, OUOW, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi
Arranged by LishBeat, OUOW

AB6IX five members who have been able to shine brightly with the love of their fans. They are willing to give back the love they received as constellations. This song is electronic pop genre and it is produced by Kim Dong-hyun, who has already released many songs as a singer-songwriter, with his own lyrics and composition with OUOW.

Composed by Kim Dong-hyun, OUOW
Lyrics by Kim Dong-hyun, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin, OUOW
Arranged by OUOW

It is an intense Deep House song that sings the youth who wants to breathe freely and dream out of all oppression and bondage. Lee Dae-hwi produced Lyrics, Composition, along with talented Rimmer of Brand New Music and a talented producer nomad.

Composed by Lee Dae-hwi, nomad, Rimmer
Lyrics by Lee Dae-hwi, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin,
Arranged by nomad, Rimer

‘FRIEND ZONE’ means ambiguous relationship between a friend and a lover. This is an exciting hip-hop song featuring a soulful heart that wants to lead a love relationship between friendship. It is characterized by a sophisticated sound and a catchy melody.

Composed by Lee Dae-hwi, Elapse, John Napoleon, khild, LishBeat
Lyrics by Lee Dae-hwi
Arranged by Elapse, John Napoleon, LishBeat

‘LIGHT ME UP’ is a song of the Urban House genre. It is a groovy song with a funky bass and a light EDM-Hip hop sound. Hit production team BOOMBASTIC together and improved perfection.

Composed by Lee Dae-hwi, BOOMBASTIC
Lyrics by Lee Dae-hwi, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin
Arranged by BOOMBASTIC

This is a song about memory of the dances and feelings. The combination of band sound and AB6IX’s subtle emotions expresses dramatic progress of the song.

Composed by Lee Dae-hwi, OUOW
Lyrics by Lee Dae-hwi, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin
Arranged by OUOW

It is an intense Trap Hip hop genre that shows off the addictive synth line. It’s a charming song with the aspiration of ‘We will invite you to Our HOLLYWOOD’.

Composed by Lee Dae-hwi, LishBeat
Lyrics by Lee Dae-hwi, Lim Young-min, Park Woo-jin
Arranged by Lee Dae-hwi, LishBeat


AB6IX [B: COMPLTE] album title ‘BREATHE’ M / V


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